Pizza Hut night… #pizza #cheesebread #breadsticks #alfredo #pasta #cinnamonsticks  (Taken with instagram)

Pizza Hut night… #pizza #cheesebread #breadsticks #alfredo #pasta #cinnamonsticks (Taken with instagram)

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~LOVE~ingly g~LORIE~ous

Hi, my name is LORIE. =))

Welcome to my TUMBLR. ^_^


I'm a kind of girl who's very shy at first but when you get to know me more, a different girl pops out, as in a super hyper girl who loves to have fun and laugh. Hehehe. Also, I la la LOVE chilling with my awesome friends and family.


Oh, I forgot to mention that I freaking love the color PINK & I super love CHERRY BLOSSOMS! ^.^ <3

I usually posts things:

• Quotes about love and life.
• Pics of my favorite actors and actresses.
• Pics of my favorite singers.
• Pics of my favorite couples and couples who should be couples.
• Random cute pics that I think are pretty amazing.
• Random posts about my daily happenings.

Here are my other personal websites:



Hope you enjoy your time looking through my TUMBLR.

• Please follow me if you like to see my posts daily. =))

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